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Spinnerbaiting Shallow Water

Rod Team Daiwa spinnerbait rod
Reel Daiwa TD-X 103 HVA
Line Original Stren 17-20 lb. green or Stren Hi-Impact 20 lb. green
Lure Strike King Elite spinnerbaits


White -- clear water
Chartreuse/white -- stained to dirty water
Chartreuse -- dirty water or for smallmouths
Gold Shiner -- in Florida and any lake with gold shiners
Red -- in Texas


3/8-ounce for any conditions
1/2-ounce for windy conditions, imitating larger baitfish and dirtier water
1/4-ounce for imitating small baitfish, fishing for small bass or tidal waters


Tandem Colorado/willowleaf -- most situations
Tandem Colorado/Colorado -- dirty water
Tandem Colorado/Indiana -- stained water and in areas that receive a lot of fishing pressure
Single Colorado -- for letting the spinnerbait fall along the cover
Single willowleaf -- in heavy vegetation and for smallmouths
Tips Always vary your retrieve to see what the fish want.
An erratic retrieve around cover often draws a reaction strike.
As a general rule use a slower retrieve in colder or muddier





water, and use a quicker retrieve in warmer and clearer water.

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