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  Fishing Techniques...

Casting a Jig
By Chad  Brauer

Rod Team Daiwa Jig/Worm Rod (Item#D-S731HRB-B)
Reel Team Daiwa TD-X (Item# 103-HSD)
Line Stren Original Green 12-20 lb.
Lighter line for clearer water, heavier for dirtier water
Lure Strike King Pro Model Jig


In dirty water use darker and brighter colors like Black/chartreuse, Texas Craw, or Black.
  In clear water use more natural colors like Chameleon Craw, Pumpkin Green Flake, or Watermelon.
  In water that is between dirty and clear use colors that are in-between like Black/Blue, Brown/Orange, or Chameleon Craw.


3/8 oz. for fishing less than 5 feet deep or for a slow fall
  ½ oz. for fishing deeper than 5 feet or for a quick fall
  ¼ oz. for a super slow fall
  1 oz. for fishing really deep
Tips Anytime you are fishing a jig, detecting a strike is probably the toughest aspect. So always watch your line for anything different, weigh your jig for anything different, and then set the hook for anything out of the ordinary.
  Vary your retrieve until you figure out what the fish want. There is no right or wrong way to work a jig, just keep experimenting until the fish tell you what is right.






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