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Nothing beats on the water experience for improving your fishing skills. Spend a day on the water learning ways to improve your fishing with Chad Brauer. An on-the-water, hands-on fishing seminar with a touring pro. Learn new techniques, improve old techniques, increase your awareness for decision making. All while enjoying the day on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.
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Fishing Other Fishermen   Casting A Jig
By Denny  Brauer   By Chad  Brauer
As bass fishing becomes more popular, we see our lakes and rivers getting more and more crowded with other fishermen.  This can be a little frustrating, but it does not have to keep you from catching bass.  Pay attention to what the other fishermen are doing then use that to your advantage to catch fish that others may be missing.
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  Anytime you are fishing a jig, detecting a strike is probably the toughest aspect.  So always watch your line for anything different, weigh your jig for anything different, and then set the hook for anything out of the ordinary.

Vary your retrieve until you figure out what the fish want. There is no right or wrong way to work a jig, just keep experimenting until the ...  Click Here For More


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