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Creek Channel Bass
By Chad  Brauer

Creek channels are one of the most reliable structures a fisherman can focus on. Bass can be found around them nearly year-round. Though distinct creek channels are not easily found in all bodies of water, if you can find them, there will be fish along the channel somewhere.
The key factor that I feel make creek channels great is that they are literally fish highways. All types of fish travel along channels, including baitfish like shad. There is also a combination of cover along most channels. First, you have a contour change in depth, then anything like grass or stumps add to that depth change.

No matter what time of the year you are fishing, creek channels can be productive. Winter and summer usually have bass near the mouths of creeks or channels that are out toward the main area lake or river. During winter I like bluff bank areas where the creek channel comes up against the shoreline. This allows the bass quick access to shallow and deep water. During summer I like areas where two channels meet and form a point under the water. During both of these time periods the bass will tend to bunch up, so when you catch one, work that area thoroughly. Spring and fall can have fish spread out a bit more. In spring, look for areas where the channel comes close to spawning areas. In the fall I mainly look for the baitfish, if you find them you will find the bass.

Creek channels are nearly guaranteed structure to hold fish. It may take a while to find them since these channels can run for a few miles. Take the time to fish the channels until you find the key areas. Remember to mark areas with extra cover like stumps, rocks, or grass for reference at other times. A good spot like that will hold good fish at some point.









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