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The Advantage of Organization
By Chad  Brauer

It is true of almost any business, the more organized you are, the better prepared you are, the more success you will have. To a fishermen being organized has many advantages including being prepared to adapt on the water, keeping your tackle in tip-top shape, and reducing expenses. Here are some of the things I do to try to keep organized.

Tackle boxes for specific baits. I keep all of my baits in different tackle boxes that contain only that type of bait. For example, I have one box of strictly jerkbaits. I even have some broken down by water clarity. My jig boxes are divided into one tackle box with Strike King Pro Model jigs that I use in clear water and one for muddy water. It is essential to get a tackle box of the right size and durability for your application. I have a couple favorites.

The first is the Plano 3730. I use this for most of my baits and it will hold plenty of baits. The second is the Plano 3710 O-Ring Stow Away. I like this one for hooks, weights, and spare parts like spinnerbait blades. It has a built-in O-Ring that keeps moisture out. These boxes allow me to add and remove tackle from my boat easily to adapt to what I may need on the water. They are also easily transported in a duffle bag for going in another boat like during the finals for Megabucks. By keeping my baits organized like this I can tell at a glance when I need to replenish my supply of a certain bait. This can save you money from buying baits you do not need and also saves you from running out of a bait at a critical time like the last day of a tournament.

Boxes of non-tackle items. There are lots of items in my boat that are not fishing tackle. These items are not directly essential for catching fish, but are necessary for safety, comfort, and emergencies. The Plano 3731 is my choice for this. I have one with tools, one with medical supplies (band-aids,






  etc.), and one with cold weather clothes (gloves, stocking hats, etc.). Having them in boxes keeps them dry and also keeps them from bouncing around in the boat.

Getting your boat organized takes a little bit of time and effort but will save you time and money in the long run. Keeping my stuff organized has definitely made me a more efficient fisherman and allows me to adapt to different situations quicker.


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