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By Denny  Brauer

Spinnerbaits come in endless shapes, sizes, and colors. Everyone has their favorite and they are extremely versatile. Because of this, we may be guilty of not fishing them as much as we should. This bait can be fished in any weather condition and at any time of the year.

No matter which spinnerbait I am throwing, in what cover or depth range I am fishing, I always use a Team Daiwa Davy Hite Spinnerbait Rod (Model # TD-5701MHFB-B) with a Daiwa TD-X103HNA reel. This 7-foot rod has the length and action that allows me to present the bait properly and land fish once they are hooked. The TD-X reel is high speed, which allows me to burn a spinnerbait just below the surface, yet I can slow down and fish it deep if need be. Depending on the type of cover and the depth I am fishing, I will choose a line size somewhere in the 15 to 25 lb. Range. I really like Stren Hi-Impact line for spinnerbaits unless the weather is very cold, then I will go to Stren Original in the same size. The Stren Original is easier to cast in cold weather since it has less memory.

Strike King makes all of the spinnerbaits I use, though I do use several different models. Overall, the Strike King Elite series is what I use the most. I carry extra blades and skirts so I can modify my spinnerbaits to fit each particular situation. As a general rule, white and white/chartreuse are the two most versatile colors, although chartreuse, bloody mary, silver, and gold shiner have produced well for me also.

There are multitudes of blade combinations you can choose for your spinnerbaits. As a guideline, muddy or stained water call for Colorado or Indiana blades since they produce a lot of vibration. Clear water on the other hand is better suited for willowleaf blades. They produce more flash and a more realistic vibration. I use mostly tandem bladed spinnerbaits unless I am letting the bait fall around cover or if I want a smaller profile bait.






Spinnerbaits are perhaps the most versatile baits out there, and they are very easy to use. Whether you are fishing deep or shallow, you can catch bass on a spinnerbait. Just experiment with your retrieve and you will find what the fish want. By the way, this is one of the best times of year for spinnerbaiting.

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